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Meet your Instructor:

Hi, I’m Molly!

I’m a midwestern millennial (now living in the southwest) who turned the last .81 cents in my bank account into a 6-figure photography studio.

Other photographers started asking me how I did it so I started creating free content online to grow a following and started selling digital products to those who wanted to learn even more.

My first year doing this I made $254,000 in sales. Then I got to $500,000 per year. Then I even scaled it up to $2,000,000 per year. I know, trust me I never would have believed you if you told me this would happen.

…and after 6 years teaching photographers through digital products, others started to ask me how they could turn their knowledge into profitable digital products (like an online course!). …and that’s exactly what I do today!

I help content creators monetize their following with their own profitable online course!

Hope to see you in the training!

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