Hey, I’m Molly, nice to meet you!

I’m on a mission to help you create passive income streams with digital products so you can stop trading your time for money, get your freedom back, and join thousands of others in the #FreedomCreator movement!

I was once a burnt-out photographer trading my time for money, lugging heavy camera equipment around. My calendar ruled my life, to say the least. If I wanted to make more money, I had to put in more hours, LOTS more hours.

I thought adding coaching would help increase my revenue, and it did a little, but it also increased my workload by a lot. I quickly found myself trading even MORE of my time for money so I knew I had to find a better solution.

A friend of mine introduced me to growing a following online and selling passive digital products and this is where my life was turned upside down in the best way possible.

I was able to share my knowledge for free through social media, grow an email list & then also sell passive digital products to anyone who wanted to learn even more.

Let’s just say this avenue not only allowed me to trade less of my time for money (and eventually I retired from photography altogether), and helped LOTS more people but I was also able to increase my revenue from multiple 6 figures a year to multiple 7 figures a year.

Most importantly though I was able to GET MY TIME BACK. I no longer had to say no to family functions, no to taking better care of myself, no to traveling, no to moving wherever I wanted.

To say a passive digital product business is life-changing would still be an understatement.

My calendar no longer runs my life. I wake up each day getting to set the intention for that day however I please. I get to spend more time doing the things I love like spending time with family, hiking, traveling, painting, horseback riding, and most importantly helping teach other people about passive income digital products. I LOVE helping others see that trading your time for money isn’t the only way. There is another way and it’s OH so much fun!

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