*Please note that the following tools links are affiliate links and this means if you purchase any of these items we could receive a small commission. That said we only ever recommend tools we personally use and love, enjoy!

Systeme is the all-in-one software we use to run our entire online business. We use it for our website, blog, courses, digital products, checkout pages, sales pages, email marketing, funnels, automation and more. All for a very reasonable price.

Canva is the software we use to create all of our graphics, find stock images, find stock video footage and just create any graphic needs we have.

Descript is a video editing software Molly used when she edited her own YouTube videos. It's a robust but simple tool. Try it for free here.

Epidemic Sound is the music and sound library we use. It provides unlimited access to a catalog of high quality music, sound effects and soundtracking tools, all rights included.

WebinarJam / EverWebinar is the webinar platform we use to run our live webinars and automated webinars.

Remitly allows us to safely and easily pay our team contractors.

TidyCal is the scheduling tool we use to book 1:1 coaching calls on Molly's calendar. TidyCal offers a lifetime deal which we love because that means no recurring cost in our business!!

Deadline Funnel allows you create genuine urgency in your funnels. We used it as part of our automated webinar funnel to offer a limited time discount to people who sign up for our evergreen webinar.

Metricool is a social media scheduling tool that allows you to plan, schedule, and analyze all of your social media content in one place!

Wiser Notify is a social proof tool we use to build trust with our landing page visitors and boost conversions on our automated webinar funnel.

Hello Audio helps you create private podcast feeds that you can create and sell as digital products so that your clients and customers can consume content

on the go!

AddEvent is an management tool that makes organizing events easier.


This is the camera I use for all my Youtube videos on my channel. The only con is that the screen doesn't flip around so you can see yourself, so I use this external monitor for that here.


This is the mic most of the big youtubers use. Great sound quality. The only con is it has batteries in the mic itself that need to stay charged.


The bigger the GB the more data they will hold. I personally get 128 or larger because I shoot in 4K and I don't want the card to run out of space while I'm filming.


I LOVE this tripod. It has taken me a long time to find one I really love. It's great for filming youtube videos but also short form social media content and it travels well too.


I've been using logitech webcams for years and finally upgraded to this one and LOVE it. Amazing video quality.


I switch between my apple desktop and laptop. I use the desktop for reviewing video edits, meetings, and anything I need a large screen for.


I use my macbook for working from coffee shops, working from the course, taking it with while I'm traveling for work, etc.


I've been using this mic for almost a decade. Great sound quality and for the price it can't be beat.


They don't make the exact microphone desk arm I use but this is the closest one I could find (and it's nicer if I do say so myself haha).


Noise canceling, fit nicely in your ears, charge on ear buds and case lasts long. What's not to love? I can't work at a coffee shop or travel without these.

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